MJL | What we do
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Insight champions

Insight comes from taking time to uncover the killer unmet need that will drive your brand. We know the buttons to push and the questions to ask.


Brand strategy developers

Whether it is at portfolio, product or service level, we develop differentiating strategies for our brands. If it’s launching, needs repositioning or revitalising, is mid-life or under generic threat, we’ve been there before and can help you navigate your brand through what can often be a hostile environment.


Pan EU & UK experts

Over half of the brand development work we do is at a European level. We consolidate local insights into a creative strategy and campaign that resonate across all major markets.

From a UK perspective, we understand the NHS environment and are as happy engaging healthcare professionals and convincing payors as we are providing friendly support to patients and carers.


Creative thinkers

Bringing our brand strategy to life in a conceptual idea is the lifeblood of what we do. Our award-winning team of art directors, writers and designers relish taking that core proposition and crafting it into something special.



Every good pharma brand needs both a compelling scientific story and an engaging creative story that taps into a deep-rooted customer insight. Our team of writers draw on both skills to create campaigns that engage and change behaviours.


Integrated campaign planners

The strategy we develop with you should reveal a mixture of communications needs – educating, convincing, informing, challenging, promoting and pioneering. These individual challenges need to work in harmony and be wholly aligned to the brand strategy.


Tactical implementers

The way customers interact with communications is ever-changing. We challenge our clients to think differently about how to engage with their customers. It is thanks to this and our ‘you have to know the rules to break the rules’ philosophy that some of our biggest successes have come from small budgets.


Quality controllers

OK, this is our stickler. Call us gluttons for punishment but one of the main reasons that we keep our clients for so long is that we don’t mess up on the basic stuff. Agencies win pitches on the ‘magic’ but lose business on delivery. In our minds, it’s hard to win new business so when we do, we want to keep you.