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HCPs struggling to identify a rare disease

HCPs struggling to identify a rare disease

The Sticking Point

We were approached by a client to help engage, educate and motivate general paediatricians across Europe to successfully recognise a rare condition the few times they may see a patient with it during their careers.

Illumination Point

Insights from European paediatricians showed us that symptoms of the rare disease were similar to another condition that they felt comfortable diagnosing and treating. Therefore, most patients with this rare disease were incorrectly diagnosed and managed, often for decades.

Our Solution

A campaign that encouraged paediatricians to stop, think and act if their patient does not respond to treatment for their initial diagnosis. As the campaign was to be launched across Europe and during the pandemic, we used striking visual imagery, direct messaging and an omnichannel approach.

Our campaign had an engagement rate 5 times higher than the industry average and the messaging really cut through. Within months of launch, several new cases of this rare disease had been identified, helping these patients receive the correct treatment that will finally tackle their symptoms.