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I have omnichannel anxiety – where do I start?

I have omnichannel anxiety – where do I start?

The Sticking Point

Our client’s brand adoption data showed that most customers were ‘stuck’ at trial or light use. With 6 years left until patent expiry and a 120-page detail aid with ‘everything in it’ struggling to gain traction, it was clear a new approach was needed.

Illumination Point

The brand adoption data told us what was happening, but not why. Using local team knowledge and HCP interviews, we identified that this behaviour was driven by 4 very different sets of beliefs. Over 6 months, and with tailored research commissioned for support, we created a brand proposition and message framework that talked to the challenges faced by these 4 customer segments.

Our Solution

An engaging and modular set of assets, primed for both key account manager and digital channel deployment, that targeted the specific objections of the 4 customer segments. Uptake across markets has been highly successful with each market deploying content consistently.